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Well-being = Career and Life Success

Welcome to the Hendo Career Coaching Blog!! Where career success and work-life balance meet.

I’m Luke, an experienced career coach and job search strategist for students, new-grads and early career professionals. I bring 10 years of experience having been a job search and career coach within the world’s largest co-operative education program. I have coached students from all over the world who were in jobs or wanted jobs with employers across eastern North America.

I have also spent 5 years living and working abroad in northeast Asia, so I know all too well the feeling of being out of my comfort zone and having to navigate through uncertainty (because it felt the same as my early job searches did).

Work-life Balance and Career Success

Work is such a large part of our adult life, but it is not the only part. Family, friends, hobbies and overall well-being are critical aspects of life. The pandemic has ignited the discussion on work-life balance with a growing number of workers and employers making big career and workplace decisions in order to acknowledge and balance this. For those of us able to work from home, even partially, the lines between the workplace and home have blurred. However, it doesn't mean we have to sacrifice one for the other, we just need boundaries. That being said, home and work are interconnected in many ways and our success in either domain depends on our well-being and support from colleagues and loved ones.

What These Blogs Are All About

These blogs will cover a variety of topics that address health and well-being; the job search and career success; and probably a bit of music, because let's face it, music cures a lot of things and is a great tool influencing our mental health and overall well-being.

Keep The Conversation Going

I hope you'll join me on this journey and add your comments and thoughts along the way. There is so much to be learned from each other, our different experiences, and those common threads that transcend language and culture. If you're interested, please subscribe so you don't miss any new content.

Hendo Career Coaching provides a number of services for students, new-grads and early professionals covering resumes, job search strategies, career success and advancement, so please have a look here.

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