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I’m Luke, an experienced career coach and job search strategist for students, new-grads and early career professionals. I bring 10 years of experience having been a job search and career coach within the world’s largest co-operative education program. I have coached students from all over the world who were in jobs, or wanted jobs with employers across eastern North America.

I have also spent a number of years living and working abroad in northeast Asia, so I know all too well the feeling of being out of my comfort zone and having to navigate through uncertainty (because it felt the same as my early job searches did). If this sounds like the feeling you get trying to find your first career-related job or trying to establish your early career path, or maybe you are living in North America for the first time and trying to adapt to professional culture here; then we have something in common.

While I'm interested in many things, my blog writing will focus on health and well-being as it supports a health home and work life. Health and happiness comes first and greatly affects our home and work lives, so you can't be successful in one if you don't have the other.

Luke Henderson

Luke Henderson

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